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smartwatches for kids
The latest update now brings three faces to the watch: Bits, Together and Under Armor. The "Bits" face adds circles that display a number of things such as unread texts and emails, missed calls, weather forecast and scheduled events that are neatly placed around the digital-analog watch. "Together" changes the display of the watch into your personal drawing board where you can share images, doodles and emoji's. Another take on a fitness app, the "Under Armor" face makes the smartwatch your personal trainer and don't expect it to go easy on you. It allows the user to set training sessions for workouts and calculates the smartwatches for kids distance travelled, the number of steps taken or the calories that were burned while partaking in these activities. The top three android smartwatches in the market right now are the LG Urbane, the Moto 360 and the Samsung Gear 2 in no particular order.

Let's do the counting: Smartphones, Smart pads, Smart TVs, SmartWatches, Smart pens and many other smart-gadgets are filling the smart-device market all around the world. This market gets tightened with one more spot as Smart Teddy Bear makes its entry. Teddy Ruxpin will be children's next favourite toy.

However, while we all think of children when a teddy bear is mentioned, the company which stands behind this innovation believes that it's gadget will be used by adults, as well.

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