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stopwatches online
Back in my younger days, I was a superior athlete, at least compared to other folks. Perhaps it was my genetics, the athleticism my parents had, or my will to win and succeed. Interestingly enough, I ended up a track star, although I did have talents in other sports. Apparently I was quite good at competing against the clock, even when I had surpassed my competitors and opponents on the track. This may in fact be the reason that I've always been one to maximize my efficiency, conserve my energy, and work to better my best time in everything I do.

Even today as an article author I prepare stopwatches online online articles with a time component in mind. For instance I might try to write five or six articles every single hour. But to do this I have to be completely in the creative zone, in the moment, and count the minutes. Not long ago, I was reminded of the importance of time in article writing by a popular blogger on one of the top online article directory sites. In fact the blogger has suggested that it might be wise for article authors to get a stopwatch. To write a title on a topic within your niche, and then to immediately begin writing, and try to finish it up within the time allotted.

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